Skin is burnt from the beach potato paek the best!!

Skin is burnt from the beach potato paek the best!!

Beach said the opening days of the East Coast said ..
EBay is now approaching holiday season. Those of you in a hurry to the ocean, leaving this weekend might chuckles minutes from the beach, playing with the spirit of the blood, you can do that .. eongmalyi sseonkeurimeul most, but not too ready, if the skin is too soksanghapnida shot .. ㅠ. ㅠ

Beach wearing a bikini swimsuit for a great time, can you imagine ㅠ Neuville. ㅠ Now, then shot over the summer, especially when I get back to the beach you’ll burn the skin scare ..

I can easily do is pack the house every once in a while. ^ ^

Pack is right ~ ~ ~ sense now. You can easily do at home, so I’m joteuldeut mate .. ^ ^

First, choose a handsome potatoes when you’re in the steel plate steel, please change the finely sonan Careful hurt ..
Evenly on the skin hwakkeungeorineun balraju pyeoseo please ~ ~

And now I lay down and take it easy on the skin, please wash with water, pulling it will make you feel.

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