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Mafia's successor

Mafia’s successor “protect New York from IS” declaration

Successor of the US mafia organization has revealed that the “protect New York from the threat of IS.”

19th (local time), according to the US NBC, in an interview with 5 NBC play-sensitive Vino house successor Giovanni Gamubi is one of the large family of the New York Mafia, Mafia has stated that protect from terrorism in New York. He also, the actors who played the mafia role in the past of famous movie was accused’re not out in the war on terror.

Mafia's successor

Although Gamubi play “Mafia reputation know bad, it was unfair criticism and often” and “now that terrorism has spread to the international, opportunity to show the good side of the Mafia”.

Then he said, “IS fear mafia. Sicily Som en terrorist organization is a mafia of home there is no foot point aimed”.

Compares Gamubi play the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the (FBI) of the Department of Homeland Security and your organization, without reading the “their behavior is constrained. Advanced technology only the rest of the ideas and the movement of the human person that sticks there. behavior I was accused also Gumuto~uda, “he said. In addition, “New York can not IS organization to infiltrate secretly the Mafia was unity in the human bonds to control” it has also said.

Mafia's successor2
He also can turn to Robert De Niro and Al Pacino’s famous movie actor in Hollywood who played a mafia arrows of blame in the movie. In an interview with Gamubi play Daily Mail, “I am an avid fan of both, this time very disappointed,” he said is “they come out to the front must issue a voice in the war on terror.” Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, it is that it was acting in underwriting a movie dealing with the mafia clan that activity in the United States “loan 1” the hero of “loan 2”.

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