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Eldrick Tiger Woods Golf driving range and the ball boy jamjaeun Y.E Yang

Eldrick Tiger Woods Golf driving range and the ball boy jamjaeun Y.E. Yang

Asians, the world’s first major championship golf in South Korea took the top Y.E. Yang

Bright spot to be the world to receive LATTES never give up without dalryeoon Y.E. Maybe Yang’s endurance?

He was born in South Korea’s Jeju Island, difficult family circumstances to make a living as a 19-year-old part-time job and pick up the ball on the golf course has been met.

3 M 5 father build tangerine farmers nyeoreul kiwoomyeo was difficult to make a living.
He hit golf can not imagine what it was. Only the wealthy life of leisure time, golf saenggakdoeeo even when he disappeared to play golf with luxury deulrilsu could mean parents will say.

But Y.E. Yang for golf course part-time job, a nightclub waiter, and learned over the shoulder shot with a plastic pipe for bulkkeojin Howe said from the course, practice all night long.

Hard training, he was 24 years old when he entered professional life in 1996 was hardly better.
I did give up a life lesson that Y.E. Yang did not give up golf, but he hit
Finally, in 2002 to win South Korea’s choegangja chajigo sbs 2004 season in Japan Pro Golf Tour, and last for 3 years, won four games in November 2006 in Shanghai, China, the European Tour Champions gaebakjeon hsbc Eldrick Tiger Woods in a 2-under the second win was the difference.

Pga 2005 challenge from the United States since 2005, but in 2006, passed in 2008, 157 out of 2007 in a position excluded from the prize money has been pushed out.

And finally, in 2009 Y.E. Yang of the world’s top golfer, Eldrick Tiger Woods is expected to beat the world.

Spotlight hidden behind the colorful life, his hardest fight of the movie’s like this.
I still do not realize that the winner’s winning time of Christ than the true winner of the
I hope to show in the future.

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