Pandemic Definition “Tom Hanks” Corona-19 positive

American actor Tom Hanks Corona19 Wins

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has confirmed Corona19.

Tom Hanks tweeted that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were also tested positive for Corona19.

Tom Hanks said on Twitter that he is currently living in Australia, “I’m starting to feel tired, I’m catching a cold, and I’m getting muscle pain. My wife had a slight fever.”

Pandemic Define

“I was tested for Corona 19 and eventually tested positive.”

On the 11th, the WHO announced a global pandemic about the coronavirus.

The WHO director general said at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, “We have assessed that Corona19 can be characterized as a Pandemic.”

Pandemic Define

“Pandemics is not a casual or casual word,” he said. “It can cause irrational fear if used incorrectly or cause unnecessary pain and death through unjustifiable acknowledgement that the fight is over.”

Pandemic Definition

The global pandemic is the highest level of infectious disease declared by the WHO, meaning the pandemic of infectious diseases worldwide.

Since the WTO’s establishment in 1948, only the Hong Kong flu, which killed 1 million people in 1968, the H1N1 influenza in 2009 and the Corona19 in 2020.

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