Кливленд выиграть 21 прямые игры

Кливленд выиграл 21 игр подряд.
На ноябрь 14, Детройт выиграл Детройт 5 в 3, creating a milestone.

The winner of the 21-game winning streak is more than 20 consecutive wins in Auckland in 2002.
The Cleveland Indiansvictory marks the same win as the Chicago Cubs in 1935.


The Cleveland starter was recently calledMichael Cleven, ” who pitched 18 scoreless innings in a row.

Michael Cleveland scored three runs, but it was a defense error, and eventually became a winning pitcher.

Cleveland, which had won only four consecutive innings during the 20-game winning streak, was on the verge of a two-day win.


I allowed a single point with a double number of Jaimer Cantellio.
тем не мение, the Cleveland Indians played a slight turnaround in the wake of the 3-point homerun of the third inning.

In the second and second half of the second and second half, Millack hit the yellow top of the fence and fell back to the ground with a fence.
The referee made the announcement, but Detroit applied for video reading and eventually recognized as a home run.

The Cleveland Indians advanced to 4-3 in the third inning, followed by a couple ofJose Ramírez ” а также ” Edwin Encasion. ”


Then, ” Brucewent on foot on balls.
When the Detroit catcher complained, ” James McCann, ” who complained about the decision, ” Queen James Wolcottdecided to leave the court.

Although the director ofBreadcomplained, ” Walcottreferee announced that the coach had to leave the club and the coaches had to leave the club.


The sixth batter, Mikel Cabrera, made a third-base hit base, and added one point with a double shot of Kinolas Kastellanov.
He was followed by a 3-foot hit on the heels of the hit fielderAndrew Romaon the third straight line.

The seventh Cleveland Indians led the win by winning a five-point-of-the-day homer of the Cleveland Perez Prize.

Cleveland scored first, but ended up winning the game, creating a winning win and winning a milestone winner.


Canadian Indians coach 21 consecutive years

The players are enjoying themselves, ” says Terry Franco. There’s no such thing as a burden. ”

Cleveland will win a fourth straight win against Kansas City since the 15th inning.
I’m focusing on whether or not the 22-game winning streak will win.

Чак Баррис дней в 87


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