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Sol Kyung - gu Seolhyun baekchimi remarks apology

Sol Kyung - gu Seolhyun

Actor Sol Kyung - gu has apologized for saying portion called "stand as strings baekchimi". Sol Kyung - gu has 28 days from the film "Killer gieokbeop of 'media premiere of" Seolhyun is pure white look. Because he started early activity can mature than my age, there seems Seolhyun itneungeo is "and" there is no such problem in the field baekchimi. The actress is a good thing idiot. As long as you have good sense of baekchimi, 앞으로도

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Sol Kyung - gu gimnamgil Seolhyun gieokbeop the killer did go beyond the original

Gieokbeop murder

In September, the film that opened seven days 'killer gieokbeop of' is in the habit of killing a retired serial killer took the Alzheimer's hiding inside he meets a new killer is going revived said crime thriller. Movie gieokbeop of a murderer "is a masterpiece of artist Kim Young-ha receiving a lot of love in various literary sensibility in" affordable sinjap '. 2013년 출간되 소설 ‘살인자의 기억법’ 은 사전

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Meal jupsyo Seorae town Seolhyun effect hyeotda eat properly

Seolhyun the meal had appeared in the village side jupsyo Seorae. 지난 25일 한끼줍쇼 에서 설현과 함께 서래마을을 배회하던 일행은 김수미의 집을 지나며 “이 집이 김수미 선생님 집” 이라고 소개 했는데요 그런데 뜻밖에 김수미가 차를 타고 지나다 일행을 만났습니다. 이에 설현이 놀라며 “어머 어머 안녕하세요”라며 놀라워 했는데요 강호동은 김수미에게 꼭 한번 방송에 출연 해달라고 부탁했고

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Seolhyun Lee Sanghyeong Song Joong-gi 'I think I love'

Seolhyun 3.jpg

설현 이상형 송중기 ‘사랑하는 것 같아’ AOA 설현 이 송중기에 대한 일편단심 애정을 밝혔다. Setting mentioned Prefecture Lee Sanghyeong Song Joong-gi broadcast the last three days Running Man Cast. Gary has been a day to meet the mission wishes to 4.13 neundeyo elections ambassador met Seolhyun Ask wishes to Seolhyun "Take me to the set," said the petition said. 설현 과 개리는 촬영장까지 이동 중 설현에게

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The story Seolhyun girl Kim Gura


라디오스타 설현 시선강탈 AOA 설현이 라디오스타를 초토화 시켰다. The last 30 days one Seolhyun appeared on radio star is the faint uncle brought to the public a charming dance. Day broadcasting haetneundeyo appeared that Seolhyun namgoong min Yi Dong-hwi yunjeongsu woman guest to have been concentrating all the attention to appearances as Seolhyun alone Seolhyun. 설현은 데뷔 5년 차지만 휴대폰을 가지게 된 건 1년 밖에 안

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