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웹프로그램,서버,htnl,js 등 각종 프로그램, 인터넷 서비스 등의 팁과 노하우 제공

nginx phpmyadmin 404 Not Found

phpmyadmin 404

Suddenly in phpmyadmin nginx server 404 Not Found If an error occurs, the application will have to check what was working well in the meantime server. After the initial installation from the server 404 or 403 오류가 난다면 phpmyadmin 폴더 권한 설정을 해 볼 수 있는데요 그 동안 잘 접속 되다 어느날 갑자기 안된다면

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Change MacBook ssh connected to the port


How the ssh ssh access method in MacBook MacBook Notify. Before connecting to the ssh you should first check the port 22 is open ssh port on the server first,. 공유기를 사용한다면 공유기에서 포트를 개방 해주셔야 해요 맥북에서 ssh 접속을 위해서는 가장 먼저 터미널을 열고 ssh 서버유저아이디@서버주소 p포트번호 이렇게 입력 하시고 엔터 하면서 접속이 됩니다. …

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Visit Naver cycle index cycle and Robots

Naver Index

Only molratna? Naver Cycle Index !! Modified the site recently, I've touched the wrong feed. But you know what, there is an error in the feed was then modified a file, and two days. I think you also truly priceless… 과거 feed 오류로 인해 고생을 한 적이 있었는데요 인터넷 익스플로러 가 아닌 구글크롬 만 이용하다 보니 크롬에서

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Google "blog posts’ Simple search

Google Search

If this blog post I wrote not at all exposed to the portal, that article is considered dead article. 블로그에 글을 작성하고 포털 사이트에 내가 작성한 글이 색인이 되어 노출이 되고 있다면 많은 이들이 내가 작성한 글을 볼 수 있는데요 근데 내가 작성한 글이 포털이 등록 되어 있나 없나 하는 것은 정말 궁금 합니다. …

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AMP Mobile speed measurement strange results

Mobile speed measurement

Fast runs a website Maybe you have eternal homework. 마이스토리 블로그 또한 좀더 빠른 속도를 위해 노력을 하고 있는데요 오늘 참 이상한 결과를 확인 했습니다. 구글 모바일 속도를 측정 해봤는데요 마이스토리 블로그의 일반 url 과 amp url 을 테스트 해봤습니다. 당연히 amp 가 속도가 빠르겠지 하고 생각 했는데 헐~ 일반 url

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Excel Thermal Printing repeat ansseuni how meokne..

Excel Print

Repeat this ten deogunyo thought Anna when I print it created an Excel document to a long only. OMG… Create an Excel document using Excel's true most often used by those minutes are gonna remember and based body today, I have no idea to think before you react the more that you are printing to repeat the title also… Body and not respond …

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How to check WordPress Simple errors

WordPress error checking

WordPress is the error How to Verify. wordpress / wp-config.php file, see the above define the bottom(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); Find define(‘WP_DEBUG’,true); If you are changing. But do if an error code to the top of the homepage and the top of the screen is exposed to the administrator. // define because can I reduce the inconvenience to the user's home page(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); define(‘WP_DEBUG’,true); define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’,true); define(‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false); So if you change the error code on the screen …

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How w3 total cache feed error resolved, Remove comment

My Story is using the w3 total cache. While using the Internet primarily I found one recently saw a huge error is to use Google Chrome. In Internet Explorer, you'll pay the feed error. He told absurd.. I added the error information on the screen '’ Having lived there was a click is called Page Caching using disk. By Page Caching in w3 total cache …

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W3 Total Cache How to Set it Up

Setting Up W3 Total Cache W3TC is in the WordPress Plugin Directory so installation is super simple. Access the plugin installation menu by going to Plugins > Add New in the WordPress admin dashboard. Then search for “W3 Total Cache,” find the plugin from the list of available options, and …

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We E325:ATTENTION Failure Resolution

Use the Vi editor to modify the conf file haryeoni E325:This suggests that not press deutdo ATTENTION content. E325:ATTENTION soon?   Clearly the idea that errors have heard that you should Come to your search on Google to delete the file swp. 해서 /etc/nginx/conf.d/ 를 들여다 보니 헐 .0000.There was a strange guy named swp. It was a bold deleted.   그러고 다시

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Change WordPress site map Korea issued hours

If you change two places WordPress google sitemap generator issued time to time change to South Korea wordpress / wp-content / plugins / google-sitemap-generator / sitemap-core.php sitemap-core.php file +09:00 As it denoted by the time changes automatically Korea. 344If heat($this->_lastMod > 0) $r .= “\t t<lastmod>” . date(‘Y-m-dTH:i:s+00:00’, $this->_lastMod) . “</lastmod>\n”; 을 $datetime =$this->_lastMod + 32400; if($this->_lastMod > 0) $r .= “\t t<lastmod>” . date(‘Y-m-dTH:i:s+09:00’, $datetime) …

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Jetpack Open Graph Tags SEO plugin duplication

While using WordPress seems to rely heavily on Jetpack. statistics, sns export articles such as the one that is quite a nice feature since it contains all of the day I think Jetpack is essential in WordPress. But it turns out that one problem is the Jetpack Jetpack Open Graph Tags. seo plug when not in use is no problem using the blog or seo plugin …

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Installing Ubuntu Server vsftpd 550 Permission denied. Error Resolution

When you install the vsftpd to run an Ubuntu server, you can download easily upload files using ftp program. But after the initial installation at the vsftpd ftp 550 Permission denied. 와 같은 메세지가 뜨는데요 몇 가지 수정으로 바로 처리가 가능 합니다. 사용자 및 폴더에 권한 을 부여 sudo chown -R ftp아이디 /var/www/html

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Change search word Ctrl + H

To mainly use the word normal is finding Ctrl + The frequent use of the F. Then suddenly Anna today would think the change I find. Hull - Unbelievable;; Moment feel like an idiot ;;; But I had to remember to change and knowing fingers favorites. Ctrl + In the hair H not speak a idea to think that even if the finger is stored Putting …

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w3 total cache-The plugin is currently enabled in community edge mode.

It is used to w3 total cache I found the following statement: In the plugin settings screen. “The plugin is currently enabled in community edge mode.” This deogunyo soon to think for a long time haebwado conducting answer annaoh. “The plug-in is currently active in the community-edge mode.” Speaking of “Community edge mode” Understand what I'm saying is conducting …

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