Speech by Prof. Jin-Kwon Jin, Hee-Sook Yoon's Speech Lease 3 Act

Free speech by lawmaker Yoon Hee-suk

Prof. Jung Joong-kwon, a former professor of progress, praised Mr. Heesook Yoon's speech at the plenary session of the National Assembly on the 30th..

Professor Jung-Kwon Jin on Facebook on the 31st “I'm doing it right now”Saying that he shared video of Representative Hee-suk Yoon's speech.

Professor Jung Joong Kwon “This speech is evaluated in two ways.”if “The first criticism is reasonable, Second, the emotional representation of the sentiment of many people”I explained.

Following “It's not going to be a quick fight.”I emphasized.

Below is the special speech by Assemblyman Yoon Hee-suk..

Honorable President Park Byeong-suk, And my fellow seniors, I am Seo Hee-gap, Hee-suk Yoon.. I'm here to tell you about the housing lease law voted today..

I am a tenant. I moved in May, but from the moment I moved, the landlord has been there for two years, so go out and live with the worries of how to do one..

But did I feel good looking at the bill voted today?, It's not like that. My thought is that after 4 years, I will go into the rent without fail., I was thinking. No more charter anymore.. That is my concern. This is my personal concern.

The rental market is very complex, and the landlord and tenant have to coexist with each other.. If you disadvantage a landlord trying to help the tenant, you will either raise the price or leave the market.. Then do I object to protecting tenants?, I absolutely agree. Then what should I do. The government has to bear. The market is going to collapse the moment the landlord is afraid of renting a house..

Korea's charter system, as you all know, is a unique system that is not in the world.. In a high-growth era, interest rates were used by landlords to use money and interest, and lessees used it to save money and provide home..

The balance has been around so far, but as soon as it is in the low interest rate era, this charter system has already entered the path of extinction.. Still, many people prefer charter.. However, this law forced us to enter the path of destruction so quickly. It has confused so many people.. The charter crisis is already beginning..

Can you say that what I'm going to talk about here today was really irresistible when this problem appeared? Did not predict, Can you say this? 30 years ago when the lease contract was increased from 1 year to 2 years, 2When I increased it to the year, it increased by only 1 year, but the rent started to rise from the end of the year to the end of 89, compared to the previous year. 30% I climbed. 1990Year is compared to the previous year 25% I climbed. There was confusion like this. But this time it's okay because it's tied at 5%? Interest rate is now less than 2%..

Even if I'm a lesser, I don't rent a son, I will ask my daughter to come in and live.. Come to my nephew and live., I will tell you to pay only for the maintenance fee.. It's force majeure and I never predicted it, 100Let's make a concession.

Then, when making a law to control the lives of 10 million people in Korea, we should at least check what problems we didn't think possible.. Then there is the process of building a permanent committee.. What would we check if there was this construction process? Me, What incentive would I give the landlord so I wouldn't be afraid, How to care for older landlords who live only on rental income, And will billions of charters live in the same way to protect rich tenants?, I would have checked these points.

What kind of guts and arrogance do you have to make this a law without checking it? Those who made this law, And the Democratic Party, The Democrats who took the process without deliberation will be remembered for a long time.. It will be remembered for a long time in Korea's charter history, real estate policy history, and public welfare history.. Thank you for your attention.

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