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Song Yun-ah bag wuhan friends eye-catching

Canvas bag identity moitoi neber

Song Yun-ah, where is your bag?

JTBC Geumto drama, which has become a hot topic every day, Song Yun-a, who returned to the broadcast after a long time from elegant friends, is catching viewers with her unchanging fashion sense..

Song Yun-ah's reputation as the original wanpan-nyeo continues in her elegant friends.

In two elegant friends, Song Yoon-a's bag became a hot topic immediately after the broadcast, Once again her presence.

On this day, Song Yoon-ah wore a striped blouse for natural makeup, I matched a brown canvas bag with slacks in red.

Shopper bags, which are especially fashionable, are made from brown leather and casual canvas..

Immediately after the broadcast, netizens “Where are your bags?”, “Fashion hit!” I'm responding to the reaction.

Song Yun-a's interest in bag brands is growing rapidly.

Song Yun-a's bag is a noir bag of moitoi brand.

Black, Beige, There are many colors such as khaki, but only the brown bag that Yoon-ah was carrying seems to be very popular.

The italian Mastrotto tenery's cowhide and canvas fabric are said to create a comfortable yet stylish look.

It is a unique product that is designed with a zip pocket on one side and a card pocket on the other, which can be worn either way..

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