Congressman Lee So-young's brilliant debut at the National Assembly future sniper

23일 국회 대정부질문 '법사위원장 자리만 고집했다'

Senator Soyoung Lee “I've been there for two months., I was particular about only the position of the judiciary”

In addition, Mdp Member Lee So-young denounced the future unification party's representative, Joo Ho-young, at the National Assembly's grand government question..

Senator Lee, who took the podium as the last questioner in the economic sector, “Moon Jae-in's government is doing dictatorship. The Unified Party cannot agree to the claim that it has taken control of the legislature.” Saying “On behalf of the leadership, the representative of the House, After that, he denies the consequences., The agreement was broken and repeatedly boycotted.” Said.

Then there was the booing of the opposition lawmakers.

Senator Lee's remarks are like this..

Senator Soyoung Lee “After ten days of sudden resignation, the house's representatives suddenly returned to the house, insisting on a seat as the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, rejecting all of the key standing committee members.” He's criticized Him.

Vice Chairman Kim Sang-hee interrupts his remarks and asks the government questions.

However, Senator Lee again criticized the Future Unified Party..

대정부 질문에서 의원 1명단 질의 시간은 20분 인데요

On this day, Senator Lee used five minutes of question time for 17 minutes as a blame for the Future Unified Party..

Meanwhile, Senator Soyoung Lee via his Facebook page on 24 March “I apologize for the fact that i have been able to show the people the appearance of a national assembly that is not beautiful.” I posted an apology..

Senator Soyoung Lee “I condoned the unsaby and couldn't pass it.” Saying “To correct the unfair claims of the Future Unified Party.”He explained why he blamed the Future Unified Party in the government question..

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