Legend that gyeongnam changwon bamboo flower is in full bloom good luck

경남 창원 2번국도변 대나무 꽃 만개

Legendary flower that gives good luck to bamboo flowers

For example, this flower is a legendary flower that brings good luck

It is a bamboo flower.

Unlike plants that bloom every year, bamboo flowers are said to be difficult to bloom once and for all.

So i think it's a great luck to see bamboo flowers alive..

Legendary flower bamboo flowers in the yasan at the entrance to Changwon Bongam Village in Gyeongnam were in full bloom.

At first glance, it's like looking at a ripe barley field.

From a distance, only where the bamboo flowers bloom are exceptionally brown..

Because of this imam, bamboo should be green with leaves,, Bamboo flowers are all falling leaves and turning brown.

대나무 꽃에는 두가지 설이 있는데요

The first is that every 60-120 years, there is a nutritional theory that pinda is caused by the cycle and the exhaustion of nutrients.

It has not yet been confirmed why bamboo blooms.

It is said that after the bamboo blossoms, the entire bamboo forest disappears.

However, after about 10 years, it is said that it will be rebuilt into a bamboo forest of its original size..

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