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1년에 1억 저작권료 대기업 부장님 수준

Ahn Ye-eun Copyright income 100 million won a year

The article appeared on this video star and mentioned the importation of copyright fees, making it a hot topic..

Introducing Kim Sook-eun and Ye-eun Ahn “Only the copyright fee is the salary level of the directors of large companies” I introduced.

Everyone was amazed by the fact that Ahn Ye-eun's income was equal to the salary of a major manager.

Yeeun Eun “I felt that I chose my major really well, If you're the head of a large company, you're getting this much.… You receive a lot...”I said

So Narae Park “1Rumors of about 100 million a year” Let's say Ahn Yeeun “That's right. I was also surprised.. So now thanks to tax… When I work...” And said that the royalty income is 100 million won a year..

Ahn Ye-eun, who received envy of all of them in one body, said that Hyoja Gok, who received the royalty’ And ‘similarization’.

Recently, Young-woong Lim and Hong-ja explained that they became more popular as they sang sanghwa..

Ahn Ye-eun wrote lyrics during the album production, Composition, He said he did it all by himself.

Because of this, all the royalties are said to be taken by Ahn Ye-eun alone..

Ahn Ye-eun said that the amount of copyright revenue comes from karaoke. “1Only when the section is over, the royalty income is included.”Said.

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