I'm Eliel, the model detective.

7월 6일 9시 30분 첫 방송

I’m Elijah’s…

In the model criminal case, Elijah thanked actor Ji Seung-hyun..

7At the presentation of the Jtbc Wolhwa Drama Model Detective, which will be aired on the 6th of January, “There are some stories that a person named Jin Seo-kyung is thinking and solving alone.” Saying “In that case, naturally, as a person,'I'm usually lonely.’ There are times when I think of this, but whenever I do that, I don't know what a person named Yoo Jeong-Suk is thinking inside, but in reality, I really helped to make the scene bright and fun so that I can act really comfortably. Even at that time, I was a senior who really cared so much that I could really look at him and act with him.” I said thank you to Seunghyun Hyun.

Elijah and Seunghyun Ji answered in the ‘Jung Han Ilbo’’ It appears as an article.

Elijah is a reporter from the Ministry of Social Affairs Jinseo Gyeong-ro, and Seung-hyun Ji is the director of the Ministry of Social Affairs Yu Jeong-suk..

7The model detective, which will be aired on the 6th of January, is a drama that depicts the world of real detectives with a confrontation between those who want to approach the truth and those who want to cover up., Seungjo Jang, Elijah, Oh Jeong Se, Seunghyun, Byoungho Son, Son Jong-hak, Heebong Cho, Shin Dong-mi, Jae-yoon Cho, etc. will appear.

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