Calligraphy waist size 22 inches CG

Ant waist, I was famous for my skinny body

서예지 허리 사이즈 22인치 비결은?

Actor Seo Ye-ji's waist captivated viewers.

‘It’s psycho but it’s okay.’’ 6At the meeting, Seo Ye-ji went to the hospital where Kim Su-hyun works.

In this scene, Seo Ye-ji appeared in a pink two-piece with a thin waist..

The people who watched the broadcast were also surprised, but the waist of Seo Ye-ji didn't seem to be a handful.

이에 방송 후 서예지 허리가 컴퓨터 그래픽(CG) 아닌가?, 서예지 허리 사이즈가 얼마냐?, They are responding to an unrealistic body shape..

But Seo Ye-ji's waist is not CG.

Calligraphy paper is 169 cm tall and weighs 43 kg and has a waist size of 22 inches..

It is said that Seo Ye-ji is taking care of herself with yoga and ballet.

It's a psycho but it's okay.

But I wonder what the hell I eat to stay in shape like that.

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