Gyeongsujin Age, Charming explosive rice wine maker

범상치 않은 그녀 일상도 매력덩어리

Kyung Soo-Jin's age charming lump rice wine ads

나 혼자 산다 막걸리 레전드가 된 경수진이 막걸리 광고까지 출연하며 폭발적인 매력을 선보이고 있습니다.

Kyung Soo-Jin breaks the image fantasy of a beautiful actress, I lived alone and showed me a daily life

Cosmetic ads, OCN weekend drama ‘Train’’ Until you appear

It seems that her sympathetic daily routine is also appealing to advertisers..

It is said that Kyung Soo-jin grew up dreaming of an actor while watching Kang Soo-yeon's acting in “Incheoncheonha” in middle school.

It was said that he started a theater class while he was a former church president in high school.

I took a leave of absence from college and enrolled in an acting academy to learn acting in earnest., He said he earned pocket money and tuition as part-time job..

Since 2011, he made his debut in 2011 SBS “Shin Ki-Saeng” as Hwang Ye-rin., 2012Year'Equator Man’ In the early childhood of the heroine Lee Bo-young, it was an unusual case where an adult performer played a child.

2013When she appeared as a child of Son Ye-jin in her TV novel Eun-hee, she began to receive attention due to her appearance similar to Son Ye-jin..

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Anthurage, Movie King's Case Handbook, OCN Melo Holic, Untouchable, When she appeared in Chosun Survival, she was recognized for her extraordinary acting skills..

It is I who lives alone that impressed the public with the name Kyung Soo Jin rather than drama movies.

Kyung Soo-jin, who appeared on November 1st last year, lives alone, The woman has done a lot of hard work alone, breaking the fantasy of being an actress and her hairy neighborhood., I uploaded my name to real-time search terms every day with my sister-like image..

Since then, I have been appearing as a rainbow member in I live alone.

After the video of making makgeolli by directly taking mineral water was released, it was also considered as a real makgeolli advertising model..

In addition, the props used by Kyung Soo Jin after grilling meat using beer and a mini stove on the terrace also became a topic..

I'm also looking forward to the new weekend drama train, Gyeongsujin OCN, who has become a serious actor..

Kyung Soo-jin is 34 years old this year..

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