Swine flu, Kennel workers 10.4% Already infected

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Swine flu pandemic potential human infection

A new swine flu virus has been discovered in China that has the potential for pandemics worldwide..

Chinese universities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a paper on the swine flu virus in the National Academy of Sciences..

The swine flu, discovered this time, says the virus, called "G4," is a new influenza strain and has all the essential characteristics that can infect humans..

From 2011 to 2018, the researchers took 30,000 samples from pigs in 10 slaughterhouses and animal hospitals in China and isolated 179 swine flu viruses.

As a result, The majority of newly discovered viruses have been found to have been widespread among pigs since 2016..


Researchers in a virus experiment using a farad, a type of weasel that has symptoms similar to humans,, The swine flu virus causes more serious symptoms and is more contagious, He said he had self-replicated human cells..

The researchers then said that as the virus goes through the mutation process, it can lead to pandemic if it becomes easier to spread from person to person..

Antibody tests in workers at pig farms have confirmed that 10.4% of all workers are already infected with the virus..

Researchers have no evidence of G4's human-to-human transmission,, He said there is an urgent need for follow-up management of workers working in pig breeding jobs..

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