The Participatory Coalition Real Estate Policy Announces Seven Demands That Should not Be Followed

참여연대 청와대 앞 부동산 정책 기자회견

The Coalition held a press conference in front of the Ch'ongwadae on 29 March and urged the Government of Moon Jae-in to change its policy in the long term..

The participatory regiment “Moon Jae-in's government has announced 21 real estate measures in the three years since its inauguration., House prices are still shaking as tinkering tweezers regulation and recreational policy pushes” I said that.

Following “Despite growing anger and anxiety among people over rising house prices, the government is sticking to a tweezers regulation approach that designates only areas of concern as regulated areas.”Innovation “Tweezers, Tinkering, While providing excessive preferential treatment to renters and regulations on the north, the government's policy of residential real estate has failed, which is lukewarm in promoting housing stability measures for homeless tenants., Call for a sweeping shift in residential property policy”I said that.

The Coalition announced seven proposals for speculative regulation and the stability of housing for the common people.

  1. Enhanced effective tax rate of holding tax, Immediate realization of published prices
  2. Strengthening the capital gains tax for multi-family homeowners
  3. Dsr(Debt situation ratio, Debt Service Ratio) Strengthening lending regulations based on repayment capacity, etc.
  4. Abolish excessive tax benefits for registered rental companies
  5. Guarantee of contract renewal claims, Revised the Home Rental Protection Act to introduce a cap on the rate of increase in the previous month's rent, and introduced a system for reporting the previous month's rent.
  6. Metropolitan Area Overcrowding Control Zone, Implemented pre-sale cap stipulated throughout the nationwide speculative and heat districts
  7. 20Significant expansion of long-term public rental housing for more than a year

In addition, the participatory regiment “To clarify the government's commitment to implementing the housing stability policy, we urge the government to establish personnel guidelines that limit the appointment of high-ranking officials., At the very least, many of the high-ranking public officials directly or indirectly involved in real estate policy urged the home to be disposed of immediately. After the press conference, we formally sent a request to the Ch'ongwadae., we will monitor the implementation.”I said that.


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