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Stephanie 23-year-old reminiscent of Brady Anderson and love

Stephanie Handprints with Braden Anderson

Stephanie(Age 33) There is Brady Anderson(Age 56)He officially acknowledged his love for him, and said it was a speculative article about the theory of latent retirement..

On June 26, it was announced that Stephanie was in love with 23-year-old former Major League Baseball player Brady Anderson..

Stephanie is coming to and from the United States and Korea to develop a love affair with Brady Anderson.

They first met in 2012 when Stephanie was working at the Los Angeles Ballet., He said he had been a friend for eight years and developed into a lover earlier this year..

When news of Stephanie's love affair broke, the internet became a hot topic on the internet, with Stephanie Brady Anderson on real-time search terms.

It's the age difference that's the biggest issue in their love story..

Stephanie was born in 1987 and was 33 years old this year., Brady Anderson was born in 1964 and is 56 years old this year.

So they're 23 years old.

Brady Anderson is also said to be living and raising with his ex-wife, who divorced in 2005.

That's why stephanie's reaction to online is so great.

Who is Brady Anderson?

Bradin Anderson(Brady Kevin Anderson Brady Kevin Anderson) is a legendary outfielder who represented Baltimore in the 1990s and played for the All-Star game several times..

2002On May 20, he retired from professional play for the last 15 years..

Since then, he has served as vice president in Baltimore.

2016When Hyun-soo Kim moved to Baltimore, he trained with Kim..

Stephanie's hand letter to Instagram

Hello Stephanie.

I think many of you would have been surprised by the sudden story..

We are sorry to hear this on social media because we do not currently have a company..

I think it took me a while to tell my boyfriend about the situation and tell him about it, but I want to get the news as soon as possible..

I'm in a relationship with Brady Anderson.

I don't know my personal contact sit, but I know it's just a check.

In the meantime, it's a retirement theory., The supposed lynching stories

I hope you don't confuse us with articles that have nothing to do with the facts..

I'm currently rehearsing my next ballet work in Korea., Outside of broadcasting, we are always waiting.

So please ask the reporters..

Don't hurt the fans who still listen to me and support me with such writings.

I was hesitant about what to do with it because it was the first time since my debut, but I think it's right to be honest..

Meet the good people, We're looking after you..

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