Kyung-hwan Yeong-hwan remarried to Vietnam in 2017

라디오스타 지상렬 한마디에 염경환 재혼 소환

In radio star, terrestrial line mentions remarriage of Kyung-hwan Kyung-hwan and becomes topic.

24On the radio star broadcast on Sunday, Terrestrial compared himself to his inability to marry, “There is definitely a difference between not going to the store.” Innovation “Apparently the person who made the cliché is an adult value. I make a lot of money, make less and live in a good house and leave to live and i'm definitely an adult and have this feeling” Haetneundeyo say

Following “Kyung-hwan made the encore great, too., I love it even if I am pretty”And he said, "I love you.

On this day of the terrestrial line, which uses the usual unique words to make people laugh, remarriage to The #8216;Encore’ kimgura's love and #8216;Sok-oh's love.’ I expressed it and gave a big laugh.


I feel like a magician of words.

From the point of view of his best friend, Kim Gura, He said that everyone seems to be in a #8216 & house love ’& “I'm going to do #8216‘&#8217 outside if I have a girlfriend.”He even declared,.

After mentioning the best-sized Kyung-hwan Yeong-hwan in the broadcast, the remarriage of Kyung-hwan Yeong-hwan has become a hot topic again.

Kyung-hwan Yeong-hwan is an SBS 2nd Bond Gagman, Kim Gura, Known as a close friend of the ground.

Especially Kim Guri, It is the second term of sbs bond, such as Yeong-hwan Yeong-hwan, kimgura as aclassmate of Jemulpo High School..

Kyung-hwan Kyung-hwan became very popular for his parody of clones with ground-line for a while, #8216 and #8217.m..

1998In May, I married Choi, a former stewardess.

His ex-wife's multi-level sale caused friction with Kyung-hwan and eventually led to a divorce in April 2002..

Kyung-hwan Yeong-hwan, who was alone after the divorce, suddenly revealed that he had a son.

2008He told the broadcast that he had a 30-month-old son and later married when he was four years old..

Mr. Seo Hyun-jung, his wife, also appeared on the show.

sbs ‘Mom's Birth’ He and his wife, Seo Hyun-jung, and their son, Kyung-hwan, showed off their daily lives..

2017He and his family immigrated to Vietnam.

In 2018, it became known that gagman-motivated Park Soo-hong was visiting Yeong-hwan Yeong-hwan in Vietnam..

At that time, Kyung-hwan Yeong-hwan “I wanted to live half of my life differently. Vietnam was perfect for me and the business I wanted was right for me.”He also shared the reasons for the migration to Vietnam..

It was a new life in Vietnam, but i was plagued by unexpected rumours.

It was a divorce rumor.

In 2019, Yeong-hwan Yeong-hwan was #8216’ appeared directly in “I divorced a health trainer in Vietnam and divorced another professional golfer coach, and i'm rumored to have divorced my wife and my wife, but now my wife is at home.. I want to get this right”And i did it.

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