Bombing of The Kaesong Industrial Complex's North-South Liaison Office

Blue house, 5 pm NSC convening emergency meeting

North-South liaison office bombing Kim Tae-chung "a disastrous scene that collapses without a form"

North Korea unilaterally detonated north-South liaison office located in Kaesong Industrial Complex.

The Ministry of Unification announced that North Korea will be on June 16 at 2:49 pm, It was said that the Kaesong Industrial Complex detonated the North-South Liaison Office building..

The North-South Liaison Office opened in Kaesong in September of that year, following the Declaration of Panmunjom, which was agreed upon by the leaders of the North and the South on April 27, 2018.

The bombing destroyed the North-South liaison office in its history within 19 months of its opening..

On 13 March, The First Vice President of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Tae-chung warned, "We will not be far away from seeing the disastrous scene of the useless North-South Joint Liaison Office collapsing without a form."

The bombing spree took place in three days.


16In the afternoon, explosions and smoke were seen at the kaesong industrial complex.

A resident of Daesung-dong, Paju, Gyeonggi Province, said, "It was like a fire with a sound.".

I also saw black smoke rising..

North Korea also announced the possibility of the General Staff re-deploying troops to unmilitarily armed areas in the form of public reports on the morning of 16 June..

After the bombing of the Kaesong Industrial Liaison Office, the ROK military strengthened its surveillance posture against North Korea in case of sudden military situations in the military demarcation line area, and the front-line troop commanders were able to establish and command troops..


Meanwhile, the NSC meeting at 5 p.m. was urgently convened..

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