The results of the $500 million litigation?

The truth of the claims of both The Company and Lee Seon-bin?

Actor Lee Sun-bin is embroiled in a 500 million won civil lawsuit.

Wellmade Staeente(The following is walmade)I've filed a lawsuit against actor Lee Sun-bin claiming the settlement payment revenue distribution.

Lee Seon-bin has been engaged in an independent entertainment campaign with his existing manager since he signed an exclusive contract with Wallmade in 2016, and has unilaterally announced the termination of the contract in September 2018.. 2Wellmade filed a lawsuit against Walmade to reimburse 500 million won for the nearly year-long earnings..


Then there's the question of whether Lee Seon-bin has unilaterally announced the termination of the contract and left the company.

If you listen to Lee Seon-bin's position, he's giving a different stance than Wallmade.

Lee Seon-bin requested a correction from the company in August 2018 under the contract, but the company did not make any corrections during the 14-day grace period.. Lee Sun-bin's manager, Accounting processing, Pointing out problems such as non-explanation stipulations, etc., the company unilaterally demoted the manager's position and demoted his salary, and prevented his entertainment activities.. It is to come now and to discredit The O'Ethan's reputation for breach of contract.".

Wallmade sued the company's CEO for violating the company's settlement obligations, but Lee Seon-bin's claims were confirmed to be untrue during the investigation, and the CEO was disposed of without charge. I said.

There are differences between the two sides, and we are interested in how the outcome of the lawsuit will proceed..


Lee Seon-bin was scheduled to join the girl group JQT in 2011, but was disbanded when the team was disbanded.

In 2016, he signed an exclusive contract with Wellmade Staeente and moved on to the actor..

2016In the year OCN drama "38 Fraud Ulterior Motives", it started to gain attention and the drama "Criminal Minds", 'Sketch', 'The Great Show', Movie 'Changchang'’ appeared on the back. I've been in public with actor Lee Kwang-so since last year..

He is currently appearing in the OCN drama "The Extra-Curricular Investigation", which began on The 23rd of last month., The 18th movie 'Disappeared Time'’ We are about to open.

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