Imported Salmon Corona19 Virus Detection

China Shuts Down New Fadi Market over Corona Re-Spread Concerns in Beijing

China's Corona 19 re-proliferation is not unusual.

This time, it happened at Beijing's largest wholesale market, Sinfadi.

Corona virus detected in cutting imported salmon.

Beijing, China, has had no corona virus in the last 10 days and has had no corona virus in the past 10 days, but one infected person has been infected on 11 th, followed by six on 12., 13Corona virus is spreading rapidly, with 36 people a day.

Chinese health professionals “It's similar to the initial proliferation stage in Wuhan."

12Most of the corona new confirmors released on The 13th are related to the 'ShinPadi' wholesale market in Pengtai District, south of Beijing..

13Of the 36 people who worked, 27 were working in the Sinpadi market., The rest of us were related to the market..

Traders in the market according to Chinese authorities, Staff carrying luggage, It is said that it includes customers who visited the market and bought shrimp..

Chinese health authorities reportedly had an emergency, including the Mayor of Sin fadi and five other markets in Beijing..

Sinpadi Market is a large wholesale market 30 minutes' drive from Tiananmen Gate.

With an area of 10130,000㎡, it is twice the size of the wholesale market in Songpa-gu, Seoul..

The Sinfadi Market uses 100 vehicles to supply groceries to more than 200 locations throughout Beijing., Around 600 neighborhoods also use this market.

Accordingly, it is pointed out that this is similar to the case of the Wuhan Hanan Seafood Wholesale Market..

Beijing closed the Sinpadi market from 3am on 13 March and banned outsiders from entering the market area..

In addition, those who have recently visited the Sinpadi market are encouraged to voluntarily report and undergo a corona test..

In an interview with The People's Daily, Cheng Kwang, a former senior researcher at the China Center for Disease Prevention, said, "It came from outside., Or if it has recurred from within, he said, "we need extensive investigation because there were some imported goods.".

Meanwhile, Sinpadi Mayor Zhang Wishi(I'm not a good place to be.)In a press interview, the president said, "The corona virus came out of the chopping board that cut the imported salmon, and the beef and pork, Lamb, Vegetables, Fruit, etc., said the virus was not detected.

There is a suspicion that Mr. Zhang is trying to turn the corona spread into a foreign country.

However, Yang Feng of the Beijing Center for Disease Control “Genetic testing revealed that the virus came from the European side," he said.. "But i can't confirm how it came, and contaminated seafood or meat may have entered the market," he said.. He also said, "People who have entered the market may have spread through secretions, etc."..

As China explains, if the Beijing Corona was spread through imported salmon, it would be an emergency for our country.

This is because seafood imported from abroad can be a vehicle for corona propagation..

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