Lee Hae-ni's Yoon Gye-sang parted

Celebrity representative longevity couple good mates among you

Lee Hae-ni's Yoon Gye-sang couple separated and Yoon Gye-sang's agency(People entertainment)Was terminated with.

11One person entertainment “The two actors, Yoon Gye-sang and Lee Ha-ni, recently summarized their relationship, I decided to stay among good friends.”Said “We ask for your continued interest and support for both actors.”He preached.

The couple of Lee Hae-ni's Yoon Gye-sang was the representative of the entertainment industry.

In 2013, couples Lee Gye-sang and Yoon Gye-sang, who acknowledged their passion for love, have since publicly nurtured love..

The two have been recognized as representatives of the entertainment industry to the public by warming up and supporting each other at the rum stargram and official awards..

In addition, couples of Lee Gye-sang, Yoon Gye-sang, had married several times.

The news of the relentless separation is a shock..

In addition, Yoon Gye-sang has been in the same agency as Lee Ha-ni.

Along with the breakup with Lee Hae-ni, the agency also decided to leave..

People Entertainment “After sufficient discussion with the actor Yoon Gye-sang, the company and the two sides agreed to terminate the contract.”Haetneundeyo say

Following “Actress Yoon Gye-sang will take a break for a while, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the actor Yoon Gye-sang, who has been with us for a long time.”He preached.

In addition to the news of the breakup of Yoon Gye-sang and Lee Ha-ni, the post registered by Ha-ni Lee on Instagram last year is being reviewed again.

At that time, “Because everything changes. Even if we are always together, then and now, It's natural for me to be different because I'm different too, but when I pass by. Days never come back. Today” It was found that the article.

This led to the separation of Yoon Gye-sang and Lee Ha-ni, but the agency “Unfounded”Denied separation.

On the other hand, Yoon Gye-sang,’ Awaiting release, Lee Ha-ni is said to be considering the next work..

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