Song Song, a composer of cute song’ Sexual assault allegedly arrested

SD Entertainment "Already sorting out relationships with Dandy"

Producer and rapper Dandy was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and handed over to the court.

On April 9, a famous composer and producer, A, visited a female acquaintance's house and was arrested for sexually assaulting her sister, who had been asleep after drinking until dawn.

Producer A is the composer Of Ydimi Song Dandy’ It was.

Dandy was arrested on May 29 on suspicion of sexual assault.

Dandy visited an acquaintance's woman's house and drank with her sister until dawn., They are accused of sexually assaulting their sleeping sister in their sleeping sister's room after falling asleep in their respective rooms..


My sister woke up and protested to Dandy and reported it to the police.

Later, the police denied that Dandy had not committed sexual assault..


But dandy's DNA came out of his sister's body and he was arrested..

Dandy is a composer who composed the popular song "Guiyomi Song"

He recently appeared on the popular "Mister Lot".

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