3 shipbuilding companies to win orders for Qatar LNG ships

현대 대우 삼성 카타르 LNG선 수주 2027년까지 100척 이상

Our shipbuilding companies have won large-scale LNG carrier contracts worth more than 23 trillion won in Qatar..

Qatar Petroleum, a state-owned oil company(QP)1 day local time Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, And Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and LNG carriers..

According to QP, it is about securing a space for building LNG carriers from three shipbuilders by 2027..

Space to build ships before placing an order for LNG carriers(slot)The contract to secure the first

QP did not disclose the amount of orders allocated to each company..

An official from the shipbuilding industry said, “This agreement is a stage before the formal order., The number of ships and the like may change in the future,” he said. “The Korean shipbuilding industry's achievement in large-scale projects.”.

Qatar is the world's largest LNG liquefied natural gas producer, and is planning to double its annual LNG production by 2027..

Therefore, we plan to increase the current number of LNG carriers, which are currently 74, to more than 120, to 190 in the future..

The areas that have a technical advantage over Chinese shipbuilders are eco-friendly LNG carriers and ice-breaking LNG carriers that break and operate ice.

The shipbuilding industry is also expecting orders for 50 to 60 eco-friendly LNG carriers from Saudi Arabia and more than 5 ice-breaking LNG carriers from Russia..

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