Gang Jeong-ho returns to 2021

음주운전 관련 KBO, 1년 유기실격, 3000시간 봉사 결정

Kang Jung-ho returns to domestic professional baseball in 2021.

25Japan Baseball Organization(KBO)Held a punishment committee for Kang Jeong-ho, who caused trouble with drunk driving, and decided to disqualify for one year and volunteer for 300 hours..

The decision of KBO was held on the 20th when Kang Jung-ho submitted an application for cancellation of voluntary withdrawal to KBO.

Kang Jung-ho joined the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2015 and voluntarily withdrew from KBO to advance into the overseas league..

Since then, it was released from Pittsburgh in August last year and tried to return to the major leagues through personal training in the United States until the beginning of this year..


As a result of deliberation on the drunk driving of Kang Jeong-ho, KBO's Sangbeom Committee decided to sanction 300 years of disqualification and volunteer work for one year.

This decision will take effect after Kang Jung-ho contracts with KBO, and will be disqualified only after 300 hours of service..


After the KBO Award Committee was decided, Kang Jeong-ho apologized through his agency.

“I will live with repentance and atonement until the day I die.”.

Kang Jeong-ho Apology

Hello, This is Kang Jung-ho, a baseball player..


First of all, I sincerely apologize once again for my fault. I will live with repentance and atonement until the day I die.. I know that it's still an indelible fault..


2016After the accident in December, I spent all my time regretting and reflecting. I tried to be a new person. Of course, compared to the disappointment felt by the fans who supported me, I wasn't very good, but I tried to pay back some of my mistakes in the world by volunteering and donating..


In the meantime, I realized how important baseball is to me.. How precious it was to live in a uniform daily life, Now I feel like a fool.


I know you don't deserve to say this,, I want to play baseball one last time.


Paying off my wrongdoings outside the ballpark, I will serve and live harder than anyone else. I will carry a great debt on my mind and live as a new person to everyone who would be disappointed by my fault..


Sorry again.


Baseball player Jung-Ho Kang posted


Meanwhile, in December 2016, Kang Jeong-ho had a drunk driving accident at the Samsung Station intersection in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

At that time, the level of alcohol in the blood was 0.084%, which was a condition of suspension of license., 2009In 2011 and 2011, he had a driving experience with drunk driving, and his license was revoked under the “Striking Out” system..

Kang Jung-ho, currently in the United States, is expected to return to domestic professional baseball in 2021 as soon as possible..

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