Lee Yeon-hee Age, marriage, husband, church

Actor Lee Yeon-hee and her wedding on June 2

Actor Lee Yeon-hee announced her marriage..

On the 15th, Lee Yeon-hee released a hand letter to her fan cafe to announce the marriage.

On the 2nd of June, Lee Yeon-hee met someone who wanted to share her life and had a small ceremony with her parents and relatives..

A hand letter released to Lee Yeon-hee's marriage-related fan cafe

SM Entertainment, Lee Yeon-hee's agency, said that the wedding will be closed because Yeon-hee Lee's prospective groom is a non-celebrity..

He also said that he would continue to be active after marriage..

Lee Yeon-hee Wedding Dress (Movie wedding eve)

Lee Yeon-hee, who debuted at a young age, is a desperate Christian.

During the 2013 film “The Wedding Eve” production briefing, he said, “The most important condition for marriage is religion..


If the ideal speech in the past became a reality, it would be someone who can attend church with her husband, Yeon-hee Lee..

2001Lee Yeon-hee, who made her debut at a young age in the 2nd SM Youth Best Selection Contest, won the 2008 MBC Drama Awards, Netizen Women Popularity Award, Best Couple Award, Rookie, He was recognized for his acting skills by winning the 5th Max Movie Best Film Award for Best Actress.

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