Kang Eun-bi acquaintances celebrity marriage celebration 181,818 won?

10년 넘게 알고 지낸 연예인 선배님 먼저 사과해 왔다.

Kang In-bi said that the celebrity who gave 181,818 won as a wedding gift has apologized..

On the 7th, Kang Eun-bi talked about the most terrifying experience since starting BJ on her YouTube channel.

During this process, a celebrity acquaintance invited to the wedding, but it was good that the celebrity sent a wedding invitation to come to the wedding., I wanted to do that. He said that he hadn't been to the wedding and spent 18,818 won..

Since then, the amount of the money sent by Eun Eun Kang has been controversial.

In response, Kang Eun-bi explained in detail about the reason for remittance of 18,1818 won on the 9th..

Eunbi Kang said, “I didn't just invite my acquaintance to the wedding, but when I started BJ, I told her what was the difference between selling and telling me not to call me embarrassed.”.

He also said that he sang in a place to eat with financial workers.

He said, "It was a clean thing to come here and eat and receive money rather than your BJ job.".

Next, he explained the situation at the time, saying, "After 1 year, I sent a mobile reception to embarrassingly broadcasting and not coming.".

Kang Eun-bi hasn't known the celebrity for over 10 years., I kept in touch, People who have been close to home and have been close, He said he helped each other in difficult situations..

Eunbi Kang said that the celebrity said, "After the marriage, I asked you to sponsor a device saying that you are a parenting YouTuber..

Also, when he came to the wedding, he said that if he turned on a live broadcast, he said he was sending money for 3 million won..

Kang Eun-bi edited and uploaded because she knows who she is if she talks too closely on the broadcast., You can hate me in the comments, I hate it or I can blame it, but I don't want you to tell me to die. ”.

As the case was published, the celebrity said that the contact came.

Eunbi Kang said, “The article came out and I contacted him.. She asked me to download the video. I apologized to me for knowing I was myself.. I said I'm sorry. ".

When asked why he would not disclose the evidence, he added, "I said that the other person apologized first and said he regretted the work, but I do not need to disclose it.".

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