Preparation to postpone the opening of the Tokyo Olympics

코로나19 전 세계 확산 올림픽 연기 불가피

The Tokyo Olympic Committee is said to have begun preparing to postpone the opening of the Olympic Games due to the spread of the new coronavirus..

Reuters said it had begun preparing to draft a draft of the Olympics by quoting two anonymous officials close to the Tokyo Organizing Committee..

Reuters “I was finally asked to create a simulation assuming that I was playing the Olympics.” Said.

Japan has been showing that Corona 19 is hitting the world, but willing to hold the Olympics.

However, as an increasing number of confirmers, the Japanese government is also preparing an alternative..

The recent rise in public opinion that the Olympic acting was inevitable, especially among European and American continental athletes, seems to have put pressure on the Tokyo Organizing Committee..

In the meantime, there is an analysis that money is the biggest reason Japan has been trying to continue the Olympics.

If the Tokyo Olympics does not open normally, various support costs including TV broadcast fees, Labor costs, Japanese economic experts predict that there will be a loss of 51 trillion won, such as advertising costs..

Reuters reported that Tokyo Organizing Committee discussed the theme of acting for the Olympics., 1It has been reported that ~2 years of acting.

Meanwhile, Chairman Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee said in an interview with the New York Times on the 20th, “Different scenarios are being considered”And suggested the possibility of acting..


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