Coronavirus cure kaletra China, Korea test applies

Abbvie 'Kaletra' coronavirus cure suddenly injured

Coronavirus cure 'kaletra(Kaletra, We felt / ritonavir)'Multinational pharmaceutical company 'Abbvie' officially mentioned the applicability.

kaletra gotta test is applied to the corona virus infections in South Korea this somewhat effective drug.

It is being applied to coronavirus infected patients in some trials, and attention is focused on whether it will be applied as a therapeutic agent for coronavirus..

11Days 'abbvie' human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) The official said that evaluating drugs 'kaletra'' for the corona virus treatment.

However, clinical trials and specific plans have not yet been released.

"abbvie' has already been supplied free of charge for the drug treatment of some emergency coronavirus infections.

In bokgyeok go into the clinical trial faster time seems to be possible to develop a drug coronavirus.

Kaletra Given the attention to the corona virus treatment 'Ram Vir Bangladesh' and a maximum point advantage can already easily applied to the corona virus infections because the drug on the market, unlike.

Kaletra to the lopinavir(lopinavir)And ritonavir(ritonavir)Wherein the HIV protease inhibitor, the agent is known as a mixed.

As well as to suppress HIV replication it is known that the effect of inhibiting cancer cell growth when used in combination with other anticancer treatment of cancer under study is in progress.

February Corona 19 Central Clinical Committee of Korea had proposed as an alternative that can apply a "hydroxy chloroquine, which kaletra and malaria drugs in Corona 19 patients were also at the hospital of the real Korea test applies to some coronavirus infections.

Also, in January, 'Abbvie' provided free support for the $ 1.4 million Kaletra for coronavirus treatment at the request of the Chinese health authorities..

Chinese media also reported that Kaletra was effective as a cure for coronavirus..

However, Abbey said that the clinical results are inaccessible and cannot be judged..

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