Galaxy S 20 5The reason G-class performance ever sales slump

Disclosure expanded funding base expanded 5G should be priority

Despite the Samsung Galaxy S20 series is one of the largest ever performance was pre-booking sales halved compared to the predecessor, the Galaxy S10.

But also to influence offline sales decreased 19 Corona spreading the fundamental problem is that the terminal grant reduction of the carrier is biggest problem.

Galaxy S20 series is the sales price than the Galaxy S10 was launched at a high level from 20 to 300,000 won. But carriers are offering only low funding disclosure of the current 20 million won.

If you purchase through a reseller or retailer you can receive additional funding disclosures to the extent of 15%, but it may include a maximum subsidy is only 279,450 won.

Compared with the previous Galaxy S10 Series Maximum grant 546,000 disclose a half.

Chronicles released a smartphone for maximum performance but consumers are not moving.

The SEC and concurrently a variety of marketing activities, such as maintaining the benefits offered to the buyer after the reservation is formally launched, but sales are not hard to come up.

5G complaints about the service of consumers also affect the Galaxy S20 sales slump.

5G plan compared to the plan is that LTE is not enough to 10001-2 more expensive ten thousand won to experience the real 5G Skin.

In addition, the Galaxy S20 Series sales slump has also affected the Galaxy Z give a flip.

Galaxy Z flip as well as domestic, because even very popular, but it is not a 5G LTE phones abroad.

In order to sell the Galaxy S 20 series enable maximum performance and disclosure funding expansion and 5G mobile station expansion of the first operators should take precedence.

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