Galaxy S 20 5Reasons for poor sales of G performance

공시지원금 확대 5G 기지국 확대가 우선 되어야

Despite the biggest performance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the pre-sales volume is half the size of the previous Galaxy S10..

Although the offline sales may have decreased due to the spread of Corona 19, the fundamental problem is that the reduction of subsidies for mobile devices is the biggest problem..

The Galaxy S20 series was released at a price of 200 to 300,000 won higher than the Galaxy S10.. However, mobile carriers are currently only providing low public support fund of 200,000 won..

If you purchase through an agency or retailer, you can receive an additional 15% of the public support, but even if it is included, the maximum support is only 27,450 won..

Compared to the previous release of the Galaxy S10 series, the largest publicly available grant amount is 546,000..

It has the best performance smartphone ever, but consumers are not moving..

Accordingly, Samsung Electronics has been carrying out various marketing activities such as maintaining the benefits provided to pre-order buyers even after the official launch, but sales volume has not risen..

Consumers' complaints about 5G service are also affecting the sluggish sales of the Galaxy S20..

5G plan is more than 20,000 won more expensive than LTE plan, but it is not enough to experience 5G with real skin.

In addition, the Galaxy S20 series sales are also affecting the Galaxy Z flip..

The Galaxy Z Flip is highly praised in Korea and abroad, but it is because it is an LTE phone, not 5G..

In order to activate the sales of the Galaxy S 20 series with the highest performance, the first step is to increase the public service subsidies and expand 5G base stations..


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