Italy corona virus infected 2,313 people a day increases

Italian grocery store pharmacy jehoe all the shops closed restaurant

Italy Corona virus has infected 2,313 people in one day occurred.

Italian health authorities is the corona virus infected at 6:00 pm local time 12 days Add to accumulate 2,313 people infected 12,462 people.

The last two occurred after the first infected people in northern Corona de Barcelo room very day, January 21 This is based on 2,000 people crossed this is the first time.

Italy Corona virus is spreading base has had 1,489 new infections occur only in a very Lombardy Region.

Deaths have been confirmed to increase 827 people 196 people compared to the previous day.

Italy is the corona virus infections and deaths after China as the second lot.

Italy and WHO has identified a surge in deaths doubled up 6.6% higher than the world average of 3.4% and chimyeongryul chimyeongryul also it rises every day.

Giuseppe Conte Italian Prime Minister at least two weeks with a food store general public discourse, Pharmacy and gave the command to shut down all stores except for commodities sold businesses.

In addition to food stores and pharmacies Building, Vehicle repair businesses, Establishments selling cigarettes or newspapers, Mobile Phone Retailer, Food Delivery, Gas stations, etc. maintains business activities and not be limited manufacturing activities of the factory.

Public transport runs to a minimum.

Conte Minister "pub, Restaurant, Salon, Said, "and added," it will be closed to all cafeteria door express our thanks to all Italians, showing the sacrifice. ".

Following said, "will reveal the effect of this action in the next few weeks," it "all citizens must accept if it is in accordance with expected soon as possible to escape from the current emergency situation," he said.


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