SBS announcer Park Sun-young leave

Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Park Sun-young announcer successor?

Park Sun-young(38) SBS announcer was leaving the body, putting them more than 13 years.

28One SBS Power FM 'Park Sun-young of the Cine Town’ Park Sun-young in the “It seems to be the final offering price of greetings from this week Cine Town” SBS leave preached the news directly.

Haetneundeyo ahead before the entry of the last 12 Park Sun-young announcer May 24, there is a saying facts established so far announced the resignation personal physician

Park Sun-young to leave after a news announcer preached himself in a month.

2007Park Sun-young a year SBS announcer incident on 15 bond group is indeyo the topic is to take the 8:00 news weekend anchor in five months incidence figures

2009In a special live "conversation with the President’ Gwonjaehong MBC senior reporter at, Along with me as bold as KBS announcer Kim Kyung-ran has established itself as a representative of SBS Announcer.

After suggests, sports, Do not cover the education sector, including haetneundeyo plays host to a variety of fields

2009Years, it receives the award from SBS Entertainment Awards Announcer it also indicates the prominence in the entertainment sector.

Park Sun-young announcer, while the difference with a neat progression ability naetneundeyo get the sympathy of the audience jinjunghan image

Park Sun-young announcer “Right” When you're in the habit of pronunciation Close your eyes and extruding lips "kiss Ladies’ Have a nickname would put

Park Sun-young announcer “It was my habit, I do not know. Haebwatneunde to fix at first embarrassed when I seureowotgo, Not knowing how to build a look that at any moment I could not fix it” I was also speaking.

A spokesman Park Sun-young announcer Tsinghua University?

Whether you theories to leave the presidential jinchulseol leave the announcer Park Sun-young.

Gominjeong former presidential spokesman declared the elections ran 4.15 and haetneundeyo submitted last January 15 resignation

The spokesman for the resignation of time and leave gominjeong Park Sun-young of the former announcer overlap is appointed as his successor is rumored that this will turn.

Gominjeong ago as a spokesman for the start indeyo information will go to Boo announcer spokesman Park Sun-young

Gominjeong former presidential spokesman, he resigned at the time of official “There churigo the roster, including the spokesperson and oversees the Spring and Autumn” Innovation “Spokesman for the media, Political, Academia, bar, Five groups are divided about the inside, such as looking for a suitable person”I was also speaking.

Meanwhile, Park Sun-young to leave announcers' Cine Park Sun-young of the town’ Has been charged from the next month, a junior announcer jangyewon.

As a result of the Cine Town Park Sun-young 'Cine Town of jangyewon’ It seems to be changing program names.


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