Chen, who is married pregnant girlfriend?

SM exo Chen cathedral wedding unfounded

About reports that Chen's group exo married SM Entertainment has announced the admission is not true.

13One group EXO Chen raised a wedding and a non-celebrity girlfriend Cathedral neundeyo wife passed on the news Stepping aside Pregnancy Month 7

The day Chen, the official fan club community 'listen(Lysn)"The haetneundeyo also disclose handwritten letter

Letter, Chen disclosure “I have a girlfriend you want to with your life.” Balhimyeo that has this information, he said he had been consulting with the company and members to inform fans.

then “Then one was brought chukbuk find us” Neundeyo said he

Chen “blessing” To express that news preached pregnant girlfriend.

Following “The longer the time delay could not be, Carefully took heart” I said that.

Handwritten letter after SM Entertainment Chen haetneundeyo before the news of Chen married in an official position statement

The SM “Chen met with important ties were to get married. The bride wedding is to pay reverence to attend only the ambivalence of family planning as a non-celebrity. According to the family doctor, All matters relating to weddings and goes private”He preached.

Following “Fans and reporters continue to ask open-minded understanding of you and Chen will be rewarded with a look that hard work invariably as an artist. Many blessings and congratulations to ask Chen” I said that.

Indeyo fact that marriage and pregnancy news of Chen must congratulate the way in the online reaction to a repellent atmosphere of celebration and eotgalrigo.

Comments and posts a sudden marriage announcement and resentment mixed with comments and posts towards Chen premarital pregnancy and a safe Nago neomcheo celebrating the contrary is a situation that is also growing.

Seopseophan minds of fans in that idol Chen and entertainers seem to need to overcome ourselves Chen

After marriage, most of the homes and hearts of the fans, turn, etc., depending on how Chen would also act as a singer loosened a bit.


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