Samsung wireless earphone market crashed Xiao Mie pushed to third place

3Quarter wireless earphone market Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung

The QoQ wireless earphone market 22% Amid booming, Samsung Electronics ranked third in Mie Xiao pushed in the third quarter wireless earphone market.

Wireless earphones year annual sales've been expected to total 120 million level

Apple has occupied a leading accounting and Xiao Micah followed.

Xiaomi Red Dot US Air Redmi AirDots

Samsung will make a concession to the Xiaomi ragged in the second quarter to keep the second place iteotneundeyo third quarter.

Wireless phones sold this country I'd like most is that the US and China is growing rapidly

Xiao gave my US No. 2 spot in the place of the Samsung become unstable in the Chinese market that is subject to endless growth.

Apple Air Pot

Counterpoint Research(Market research company)According to the third quarter of the previous quarter this year, sales of wireless earphones 22% An increase was recorded 33 million amounted to $ 4.1 billion in neundeyo said dalhandago

Xiaomi Red Dot US Air Redmi AirDots

In the United States is the only single country sold more than 10 million accounts had a market share of 31%, China has seen a rapid growth of 44% QoQ.

Samsung Galaxy Buzz

Just one push Xiao cost $ 20 US Air Red Dot(Redmi Airdots)In the Chinese market, mainly neundeyo sales volume stood up to second place on the last quarter compared to the fourth, while increasing the, In reference to the amount of shares it has ceased over the eight.

30One trillion won going to be the race of the wireless earphone market, Apple continues 2, 3This.Of chase to the above, I am interested in this collection.


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