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Nature Sohee Ant Waist Certification

네이처(NATURE) 두 번째 미니앨범 '네이처 월드:코드에이'

Produce 101 Sohee, a native, joined as a new member of Nature.

Sohee's joining of Nature attracts attention for her second album.

네이처의 두 번재 미니앨범은 네이처 월드:코드에이(NATURE WORLD: CODE A) 입니다.

12Work began at the Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and released the 2nd mini-album..

Nature debuted last year in a nine-member group, and there were difficulties in the activities due to the members' problems.

The Chinese member ‘Gaga’ returned to China for academic reasons, Rudder “Lu” had a hard time with a toe injury..

Another Chinese member, “Aurora,” was unable to participate in this album because of Chinese activities..

Above all, the highlight of this 2nd mini-album is produced. 101 I think it's Sohee's join

Sohee on this day “I finally became a full-time job. I think it's the last time and never get out of this fence” This is what I said about my debut.

Sohee produced in 2016 101 At the time of appearing, he was 15th, and he couldn't be an IO member.

Since then, the project girl group iBai, She has worked as a CIV, and has also published solo and duet albums..

Sohee’s nature joins the group, so it’s a new wind.

2With the second album, I wish you a new girl group representing Korea..


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