Jun Hyun-Moo yihyeseong announcer devotees

Jun Hyun-Moo 15 years younger yihyeseong announcer and devotees

Yihyeseong announcer and Jun Hyun-Moo has recognized the devotees.

15Devotees news announcer Jun Hyun-Moo yihyeseong overcome the age difference and the two lovers not think he is the best hot issues year-end 2019

Tonight 'Sports Donga’ Jun Hyun-Moo yihyeseong first preached the devotees in the news.

Two people stating Oda after a meeting with a good feeling to KBS announcer seonhubae developed in recent lover yieotneundeyo


Since the KBS announcer for yihyeseong devotees news “Difficult to verify as part of personal privacy” He said acknowledge the devotees of the two men also did not deny

Jun Hyun-Moo also agency SM C&C is “Related to verify the accuracy of the reports and yeolaeseol” View of the entrance was it

Since we recognized the devotees of the two people in the agency Jun Hyun-Moo.

Jun Hyun-Moo agency two people “Oda was followed by a good relationship with seonhubae have a crush on each other” Innovation “Luxurious yet cautious enough steps to get to know each other part” Preached that.


Yihyeseong announcer and Jun Hyun-Moo is Saijo KBS announcer seonhubae

Jun Hyun-Moo was the incident with KBS Bond 32, 2006 yihyeseong group announcer announcer has joined the group as KBS announcer bonds 43 2016.

One leave the KBS Jun Hyun-Moo is the current state, but whether it closer to the side and appeared in many TV announcers and yihyeseong.

He joined the KBS announcer yihyeseong live good morning, 9 Sports Weekend, Who's Who better one, Yeonyega relay, Tojeon through the Golden Bell is currently KBS2 FM is night Selena, I'm conducting an yihyeseong is

Yihyeseong announcer of radio programs, exciting night, The yihyeseong’ The first guest on Jun Hyun-Moo was right.

As well as the announcer Jun Hyun-Moo yihyeseong Happy Together 4 haetneundeyo also appeared with

At the time yihyeseong the 'golden USB Jun Hyun-Moo been passed on to’ To reveal the episode haetneundeyo nominated Room periods in searches

The yihyeseong announcer "Jun Hyun-Moo wonpik juniors’ The catch was also called modifiers.

Yihyeseong announcer indeyo 28-year-old born in the year 1992 and graduated from Seoul National University Department of Business Administration in 2016 was the last incident KBS 43 groups bond Announcer.


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