Cast not divorce marriage, Why choose

멘사출신 서울대 뇌섹녀 지주연 성급한 결혼 과 이혼

Eiji starring married divorced one year

Actor holding a kite taken out to talk about the divorce appeared on the Video Star.

Added support for the past 2,018 years has revealed that the wedding starring married divorced later that year.


#Mensah from Seoul National University # # IQ156 # eomchinttal was not the keyword that represents the periphery.

kbs drama "Only my love’ In matkkalna naetneundeyo example is the presence of a villainess Hyeri South Station

As public support after a brilliant specifications and appeared in several of the peripheral entertainment programs I have also been to raise the name of the real-time searches every day.


Then holding kite haetneundeyo before the wedding after news late last year via Instagram

In fact, not only the news, even if not married starred with support starred marriage news neundeyo surprised starring husband were many questions that have starred Who did not disclose her husband.


Just tell only that prevailed met and married the introduction of those workers of the construction industry in three years older acquaintances

Not starring haetneundeyo plans to continue broadcasting activities continue even after marriage

By the way, I had a divorce, married the same year.

Indeyo really surprised one


Starring five days did not last appeared on video stars former marriage and divorce news

Is not starred “It's been a breakup in a very short time?” Haetneundeyo said before the divorce news


Is not starred “The same idea was not a satisfactory performance or success as an actor, you have a choice of rhetoric heard far deongdalah married concern of parents cursor” He said.

therefore “I choose to get married to escape life, but the selection seems to be bad.” He said.


I'd like getting divorced starring difficult reading accepted the facts themselves

So I wanted to namtat the best mom I was sloppy "Because the mother’ I'd often say the word

But those stories are like that because the mother wonder 'and while blame themselves?’ I've mastered your story.


Yet I was also preaching the parents received more wounds than their parents apologetic heart.

Cast not absolute 'through divorce’ I'd learned that the thing called free world

“I do not wake up one day is a good day and thank you also of course no one should be grateful” Innovation “It seems it is a bad thing happens deomdeom to accept life” He preached.


Following the video not write starring mom would put mothaetneunde About haejuji almost a compliment to her daughter, saying that he always takes the mind preached sorry to say that always cheer.

Not watching the video letter of the mother eventually never have the sobbing of the periphery.


The paper also starring haetneundeyo put a sorry and affection for the mother to find novel

last month 31 Fiction 'mother's name is __’ He has published a novel called.


Is not starred “Writings contain a sincere heart for mother” He said, “Many people want and desire and sympathy” I was also convey the impression publish a book.

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