Trump impeachment vote 49%, Ukraine is a scandal?

Whether Ukraine scandal Trump and Joe Biden

US local time on NBC last three days and Will Street Journal(WSJ)In the poll conducted by the Joint

Those in favor of the impeachment and dismissal of the President Trump 49%, The person who was opposed to the aggregate 43%.

In the opposite poll conducted such a pass 49%, 43% favor the exact opposite result of.

Trump impeachment

Job performance approval ratings of President Trump has delivered more than 45% 2% Rise was negative assessments 53%, The economy is job performance approval ratings 52% It was.

For IS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi smite last month US Special Forces 40% so far in the rating of the United States is safer we were high end, but the rest is not so daphaetgo 41% wrong decisions about the Syrian northern troops withdraw Trump taetongryeong.

Trump impeachment

In addition, 35% made the concern that the United States become less safe.

Meanwhile, among which former Vice President Joe Biden at the Democratic presidential nomination are running first place with 27%, Elizabeth Warren Senate 23%, Senator Bernie Sanders follows behind with 19%.

Trump scandal Ukraine Iran?

Ukraine Trump impeachment scandal gave an excuse to the Democratic Party began in July 25 renseuki Ukraine Volodymyr gel taetongryeong Donald Trump President's phone call.

In the telephone conversation, President Trump catapult that any pressure on the leading Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden's son Hunter, former Vice President of the Bar told investigators associated events

Trump impeachment
President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden

President Trump would that unless the investigation would withdraw the 250 million US dollars of military aid to Ukraine by the US Congress approval.

November goes in the next year or Article prerogative bar to the weakness of former Vice President digging the story had to ask for a background check foreign governments and intimidation.

Trump impeachment

Ukraine Trump scandal position

These facts were uncovered by the press, including The Washington Post, The Trump President referred to Biden in a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine has set out a rather said 'no wrong' admits Reverse.

Trump President over the past 21 Sept. Twitter "fake news media and their partners Democrats in Biden needs of" the Ukrainian government does not dismiss the inspection was investigating the son of Biden would not be able to get American money ' it is possible to manipulate it tries to move away to talk about and denounced ".

Trump impeachment
Trump, president and ukraine president volodymyr zelensky.

Whether son Hunter bar Joe Biden has been hired as the director of the last 2,014 years on the Ukrainian scene coalesce conglomerate, the US cola jeulro ski champ of energy companies' beaks Smart Holdings haetneundeyo be getting $ 50,000 monthly

According to Trump's claims taetongryeong Joe Biden is the vice president who was Attorney General Bruce to second investigation dry in 2016 unless the dismissal of Victor syokin it would withdraw the loan guarantee of $ 1 billion to put pressure on Ukraine's President Trump claims.

Joe Biden is the son of the problem did not come out, but the evidence cited in the press earlier this year,, Whether his hunter out a statement that said the bar also never discussed the issue with his father beak Suma.

Trump impeachment

Whether scandal Ukraine Joe Biden

But I'm also talking Joe Biden It requested the Ukrainian Prosecutor General dismissed stressed that a criminal investigation on one ski champ jeulro money laundering and abuse of position in Ukraine

The Attorney General is required to bribe syokin jeulro ski champ and you could close your eyes for Ukraine's adhesion crime scene.

Trump impeachment

Glass successors root senko former Prosecutor General Viktor syokin Attorney General is gonna be tough pyeolchyeot the investigation into the beak beaks Suma Suma holdings, but has been out of the investigation and the withdrawal of Ukrainian business.

But this year, is the root senko haetneundeyo resume this investigation was a "New York Times" reported that personal contact with the attorney Rudolph Giuliani's trump in the process.

Trump impeachment

Ukraine has a month to replace haetneundeyo root senko Trump daeto command gel renseuki President of Ukraine, the currency was in the process of a Trump will have to gel renseuki told to discuss this issue with Giuliani.

And I started to call the funny two weeks after Ukraine scandal known as whistle-blowing.

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