If I can not love Susan cool explosions

The interior is basic self-traveling task to reverse charming actress

Kyung Soo-jin I Live Alone attractive loaf

If we learn checkup or caught viewers' hearts with overflowing charm appeared to live alone.. Kyung Soo-jin was only 31 year old, vertical Hare indeyo

The men also look at the state of the environment checkup done to cram hard work was enough to think that the actress is really right..

If you or Susan's haetneundeyo disclosure of their small and cozy house, maybe Maybe the first broadcast on live alone.


Trace 8 year, And I'd come home now moved to the cases referred to three months

With a small living room with kitchen and living alone in the house was just a good condition.

But Kyung Soo-jin house for reversing the iteotneundeyo was just bigger than a large terrace room.


Water lettuce Jean Foster has direct patio, Sesame, Apple mint, basil, Leeks crop haetneundeyo filled it likes to cook in the city said he gakkunda mini garden directly.

If you eat an apple halves solving morning coffee on the terrace sofa Susan was haetneundeyo reinstall the rain wet artificial turf when the last major hurricane on the terrace pots around omgimyeo also introduced a reverse appeal.


Since Kyung Soo-jin is naetneundeyo off a large tool box there are electric drill, top, It was exactly what one expects from a hammer like tool through equipment manufacturers.

If I'm Susan said it was haetneundeyo do not you live on the roof before moving to the Roman house, but the roof is hot in summer and cold in winter, I picked Gorda Gorda house in a terrace house now



When I came the first time I moved next door to the terrace eopeotdago boundaries

So I'd say direct orders to a terrace wooden slats, Ltd. I have the video to demonstrate the self-construction as short-machi Contractors gatdeogunyo boss


Kyung Soo-jin was able to open the cover to the next production when the air conditioner outdoor unit in one of the outdoor terraces Aiken I wrote a cover Thira is thought to be a prison Aiken.

The workmanship is a top view cut wood fixed to drive the screw into the electric drill done a double task was Ernie.


Do you pick whip quickly pick whip the Aiken covers complete Looking deoraguyo know who would put a line in the company inteorieo

Since Kyung Soo-jin is deoni to pack a power drill and a tool in a large bag snatching wearing clothes gatneundeyo travel jobs

Construction went to the curtains in the studio of a friend.


Whilst actress is such a thing neundeyo really amazing stride stride up the ladder climb Kyung Soo-jin was the curtain displays the month and where through a straw foam concrete drill electric drill equipped with curtains.

In particular, look to punch anywhere without regard for the straw foam blowing on the ladder section came to admire.

Neundeyo to finish the job and work hours of traffic jams pushed the ladder length coming home incredibly blocked


But I never have a problem occurs. Was it a problem to go to the toilet urgently

If Susan built the car through the clogged parts at the end of the twists and turns had asked for the bathroom at a restaurant you do not know the street names ran up generous Master deogunyo give the key to the bathroom


If that Susan was in a hurry to finish the cobblestone bathroom has walked away happy face to the world.

While Sir Susan arrived home after is gonna climbed the stairs carrying a large ladder

Kyung Soo-jin house gatneundeyo up again holding down the ladder and went up, carrying a large'm not lift the shoulders and tool bags


If you ate that thing in the morning half an apple and coffee inde all decent people together seemed already to be discharged

Kyung Soo-jin is still vivid hadeoraguyo climb the ladder in the living room is spread haetneundeyo replace the lamp

In fact, the light replacement lotta people do not even good men as one that must wire work


Kyung Soo-jin was pounding haebeo so easy to make wire replacement ttaego back with a new light

It seemed not the workmanship done once or twice.

Haetneundeyo prepare the evening after dinner tonight is beef, saying keumjikhage Slice the beef, Named after a Sesame on the terrace prepared for dinner.


Neundeyo holding cooking Kyung Soo-jin from the terrace is ready for the lights and the music and baked meat on a mini-furnace

Buwo beer cups were in the freezer to enjoy the evening alone was feeling like eating at the resort.

In particular, look to enjoy eating meat seemed happy world.



If the dew of the actress only free and easy Kyung Soo-jin seems like to eat and live everyday Easygoing, And her appearance using an electric drill with a free Scion was as if I felt like warrior.



So What online in burns or her interest in the environment after the hot side Sujin broadcasting live alone..

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