Kim Gun Mo married next year in January, 30For a girlfriend who?

52Three pods of Trade Unions Kim Gun Mo tickets then release 30 opponents of the late pianist

It was delivered the national news wedding singer Kim Gun Mo.

Kim Gun Mo is 30 next year and raise the pianist and 30th wedding beauty.

Brother married me when I was ryeona visible rubbish deodieo married ^^

Kim Gun Mo is that I'd like to meet a girl friend introduced acquaintance haewatdago fellowship put together one years took a recent wedding date.


Kim Gun Mo's bride is a graduate of Berkley College of Music, and after that I'd like to Ewha Womans University graduate and currently lectures at the university

30The latter called for such a wonderful minutes with good looks and skills.

Kim Gun Mo and nayicha If you are with a band of the same age music than I do I seem to you that I'm through with each other

If you get married, try the first to receive Instant Confirmation expected from two years ago News.


Kim Gun Mo news is that I'd marry Mrs. Kim Gun Mo mother yiseonmi he would not favorite

3Second brother, the brother There is also already married with children up to, Kim Gun Mo, which is not anji not marry think every day just like alcohol and mother who has eyes yieoteulkkayo how big worry..

Would not it be nice if you did marry Kim Gun Mo is haetneundeyo party last May buchinsang gyesil your father alive

The regret that namneyo…


Who is Kim Gun Mo?

Busan-born Kim Gun Mo is life 31 May 13, 1968 the second son of the Southern Sun.

A country indeyo age 52 years

Born in Busan, Kim Gun Mo was the growth in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Seoul Hwagokdong New Moon Elementary School, Hwagok Middle School, Hwagok through high school majored in Music Entry to the Seoul Art College in 1986.


4I'd say start playing the piano since I live so What, Music courses are always received a good score boyeotdago an extraordinary talent for music from a young age.

Kim Gun Mo is a song that I'd like to work part-time at a cafe before his debut enjoy the songs of Elton John bulreotdago.


At the time seniors have to Kim Gun Mo “Voice still wrong to be a singer” Neundeyo said the Navy had come go hongbodan went before the army could do so Kim Gun Mo Music Life in the Navy is looking at the audition was a success hongbodan.

Kim Gun Mo at the time served as soldiers, while working on the ship gimyongman, I'd also say the obvious suffering and dying ferns Ji Suk-jin

As the hurricane warning is issued and the ship looked big rig was shaken back and forth a tremendous hurricane hitting somewhere fold sound Kim

Sword geonmo and his colleagues would think that you are desperate enough to die Let the last word.

The ship is on an island that was hit even living as refugees for a month on the island.

After military service Kim Gun Mo is the moment activities are recruited as keyboardist for the rock band temperament was released in 1991 members of restructuring processes, 1992Years, he was responsible for arranging the first group of houses Music Noise.


Since announcing their regular house music 1991 was his debut as a solo artist..

After Kim Gun-mo debuted records the shortest period of most album sales in the Republic of Korea-hee enjoy the music industry's most popular

1House favorite not sleep at night the rain fell’ Following the 'excuse', "Wrong Meeting’ Following the announcement, while such was the one who made the historical record in Korea Pop.


The first of 3 consecutive Golden Disk Target, 1994Terrestrial three-year four New Year Festival, Seoul Music Destination, Is Golden Disc 5 has also awarded both the target in the thalamus.

Composer Yoon Il-sang is his book 'is my twenty-year-old’ In about Kim Gun Mo “Singer Cho Yong-pil and then imagine a great transcendental in musical skills” It was also rated.

But the Republic of Korea with the best singer Kim Gun Mo unprecedented record in broadcasting are still getting a steady love, free and easy, and the debut 27 years with familiar images.

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