Moon 'Catch the ghosts' comeback in four years comment

Catch the ghosts highest rating 4.9% Moon successfully returned

Catch the Moon is tvN drama 'The Ghost actress’ As he returns to the CRT for the first time in four years.

"Catch the ghosts' in the last 21 days started the first broadcast indeyo drama plays in the subway police" to catch the subway serial killer

Catch the Moon is a ghost in the insert all the information about the Metro to find the missing twin brother in the head 'ghost’ You appeared to.

In addition, the Moon would put the station to take the two days with 'Eugene' s sister station autism Class 2

Moon is a basic public vandalism cases jump from the second floor, Riding a motorcycle in the South have a strong impact brings down the subway stairs, etc..

4A space of years, colorless to seize the ghost’ In the Moon has opened an intense fire on the increase also immersed in the drama Notice seats sanggeuk Combi.

Moon is a former haetneundeyo a comment about the drama, but returned to seize the ghost at the press conference four years.

“Somehow I became a drama in four years” Innovation “So eager and greedy as to whether the smoke was common” He preached.

therefore “It seems that the choice without fear, so do not hesitate to take on a new character called the police station two days” Innovation “While the film may regret and remorse that did you shoot me why you were so difficult sometimes also greed” He said.

Following “I postponed it a little difficult for a long time, but it has also taken part in a very interesting given to relieve the desire to smoke their own” He preached.


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