Sully Trend reports first outflow path

"Sully death 'Trend Report spills fire department general public apology

July 14 killed the singer and actress discovered while Sully(Choi jin lee·25)Activity Trends Report for the First Aid announced the Gyeonggi Fire authorities 'apology general public' leaked to the outside about 17 days.

Gyeonggi Fire Disaster Headquarters “119Trend reports with respect to the activities of a paramedic details will leak outside the words of sincere apology to the bereaved families and citizens.” I said that.

Following Sully Trends Report for the outflow path “In the course of an internal report leaked to the outside SNS share trends by internal staff” It has been preached.

For external yuchulja “The investigation is currently in progress” He said, “In fact, it will check if the relationship is severely censure in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.’ I said that.

Meanwhile, Gyeonggi Fire Headquarters Disaster hearing officer thank you is gonna sent a letter titled last 17 days 'activities, Trend reports Seongnam Fire Department Ambulance spill-related voluntary reporting guide' to the inner member

The hearing officer thank you “To shoot the official documents related to the SNS Photo, Act like a post or provide the Internet are subject to criminal penalties”

“In this regard, the documents leaked hayeotgeona, Employees know that, please feel free to contact to report and midnight the same day as the hearing tube squarely audit” I said that.

Also “The complainant himself who really dont receive the full mercy, When there undeclared knock us to take strong legal action through the police commission”I said that.

Sully Trends Report is?

Sully has become a trend report in the online issue is a dispatch received reports of deaths Sully sumjinchae found 14 days 119 The Fire Department paramedics were internal documents created.

Sully trend reports from the time of receipt of the initial report, The internal confidential document as a record of the whole process was transported to the hospital ambulance carrying Sully.

Sully death

The last 14 days 15:30 Sully was found dead in Seongnam, Gyeonggi crystal ball home 2nd floor.

Manager of Sully, Sully was found dead on the second floor of 6:30 pm on the 13th Sully has not been contacted, and after a phone call found a house in Sully.

119While the mobilization was already Sully Sully seen the police arrest state that there is no trace of a trail of murder and intrusion was estimated to have an extreme choice.

The note less the state of mind in the diary at the Sully house, but found no suicide note.

2005In SBS drama 'Seo Dong Yo’ Sully in his debut as a child actor you've activity in 2009 as a group f (x).

After the drama 'To the Beautiful You', Movie Pirates, 'Fashion King', 'real’ Like appearance and was also the location of an actor.

Sully malicious comments and rumors

2014Dynamic Duo Choiza years and is known yeolaeseol As Sully has suffered a malicious comments.

2013Two people in September Sully Choiza holding hands walking down the street, As a state facing delivered at a restaurant was yeolaeseol starts continued to recognize the malicious comments from devotees in August 2014 after 19 days Choiza side.

Because of rumors and malicious comments Sully has also ceased to declare July 24 devotees acknowledged a month ago.

2017March neundeyo Sully Choiza the news broke May 6 passed on malicious comments about Sully was continued even after the.


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