Croix, the first private manned spacecraft docking is successful the Dragon

The first private manned spacecraft docking the space x productions United States success

A space x is produced by United States first private manned spacecraft & #8216; Crewe Dragon & #8217; is docked at the international space station has been successful.

2Wednesday morning at Kennedy Space Center, all United States Frawley from Crewe Dragon 27 times 3, 2008 5:51 pm (3, 7:00 pm Korea time 51 minutes) We arrived at the international space station.

Crewe Dragon docking

Crewe Dragon fly this time & #8216; Demo-1’ I've been called a man instead of mannequins(Ripley. Ripley)It was a boarding.

The name of the Ripley movie mannequin & #8216; aliens & #8217; the protagonist of(Sigourney Weaver) The name derives from convinces would


I've been using the robotic arm on the spaceship, the traditional sign language with the help of the door automatically without progress has been.

Currently there are 58 cars on the international space station expedition members and residents

Crewe Dragon docking is successful, and after 15 minutes the expedition moving into the Interior of the ship's crew have won the status of the Dragon and the eldest son in the shape of the planet Earth from 180kg and have acquired a sense of supplies.

Crewe Dragon docking

Crewe has been retrofitted with 5 hours after YouTube Dragon docking welcoming the Canada-born astronaut David Saint Jacquet is “Today is a good day on the first day of a new era for the next generation of space explorers” It was also known as.


Crewe Dragon comes after a five-day docking state 8, 8:45 pm will be returning to the Atlantic Ocean.

Crew of the Dragon docking with success now that civilians held a chance of space travel.


Space x Chief Executive Officer, Ron Metz, the District of the CRU Dragon Ash home “After you make changes to an existing dragon design was the first Earth-orbiting hardest on this test flight in the reentry process will be”Preached that.

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