Short Track gimgeonwoo gimyejin Village exclusion national suspension

김건우 감기약 전해주러 여자 숙소 무단 침입

The sad news was delivered.

Short Track gimyejin gimyejin was trying to tell the players that helped women break into a cold medicine gimgeonwoo short track athletes and those on the side hostel was withdrawn from the Olympic Village.


If this withdrawal from the national team also immediately eligible Village doeneundeyo stop
Next season's upcoming national qualifications Taekwondo Qualification Tournament and the World Championships are concerned about the power of our national team.


Gimgeonwoo players gatneundeyo into unauthorized Jincheon the last 24 days and out of male athletes in the Olympic Village ban women athletes accommodation
That's why I just did that to give you a gimyejin players deliver the cold medicine.


Catapult gimyejin between players showed flu symptoms after the Winter Sports Festival participants gimgeonwoo The players enter the accommodation of female athletes trying to deliver cold medicine
The players gave a pass to gimyejin able to come into the hostel girls.

Gimgeonwoo players entered the girls hostel went to the woman became caught in the different categories of players who go to the elevator out of the hostel within female athletes.

Gimgeonwoo gimyejin

The other categories of female athletes made the exit command at the athletes' village after a confirmed appearance of female athletes gimgeonwoo players enter the result hostel ever check the cctv informed of this fact in the Village.

Gimgeonwoo players haetneundeyo banned for one month with the withdrawal ipchon gimyejin players who helped the girls hostel entrance was banned for three months with ipchon Village exit when the national team was withdrawn from the Olympic Village will be the national price is right Pause.

It looks to be delivered to a colleague To give a cold medicines were also other ways
Why can not not be retracted to choose the direct entry ban women athletes is questionable.

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