Good-looking-born Kim Sang-hyuk "bride" Song versatility Who?

4May 7, Kim Sang-hyuk Click-B 6-year-old younger sending versatility and marriage

4Group of brides from Kim Sang-hyuk Click-B in ahead of the July 7 wedding versatility has been known as "good-looking" from Song.

Kim Sang-hyuk is the 26th, "brides are right, Mr. Song versatility," he said represented to us that "it is really thanks to those who submitted celebrate and cheer.".

Followed by "excessive attention because it is just a non-celebrity burdensome true,, I think I have the mind due sorry, "he preached.

Kim Sang-hyuk bride Song indeyo versatility is 6 years older than younger Kim Sang-hyuk

Kim Sang-hyuk past 25 days sbs radio appeared as a guest on "The Love of the Game Park So-hyun, it is" the bride is too good at cooking. That always makes delicious, "he said bets have also heard the affection for the bride.

Kim Sang-hyuk is haetneundeyo say "remit was to leave with a good time camping" for the proposal, "while embracing the ring about 100 years deceased grandmother gave to him 'this is my treasure. Continue embracing him this ring to the rest of life, The remaining 100 years and had asked, "You said that.

Do not followed through video letters "Baby'll stay happy long, long fight well. I'll keep a long long by the love, "he said.

Kim Sang-hyuk of the bride Song versatility has also served as ceo at the famous clothes shopping online as "good-looking".

Meanwhile, Kim Sang-hyuk versatility wedding song will be presented in society JTBC jangseonggyu announcer called going to celebrate a new beginning for two people with Click-B member of Anthem.

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