Mrs. Ahn Hee-jung won democratic 'rather than Mitu affair "Kim Ji lies balhigetda

The Garden incidents apologized to the court but won the Democratic .... The truth is?

Ahn Hee-jung wife of former Democratic governor won, his Facebook Kim Ji Ahn Hee-jung said the affair would reveal the lies preached by one of Kim Ji.

Democratic sources said, emphasized that Mr. balhimyeo and their children and not to the Ahn Hee-jung disgrace not going well and fell in a position to be accused Kim Ji carry him away with Mr. Ahn Hee-jung and commits adultery with rape.


In addition, he stated that Mr Kim Ji haetneundeyo horses can not admit to the fact that the victims knew Mr. Kim Ji actively entice anhui Former Governor.

Yet more bad people than Mr. Kim Ji, He preached that Ahn Hee-jung former Governor snaps immoral temptation as a man with a family.


Following said one Democratic source says Mr. Kim Ji balhigetda lie by the fact that he knows "the Garden events’ Cited.

Tails of the garden incident saying the Democratic sources

I'd say the garden is a condo in Boryeong, Chungnam 8 years May 18, 2017 Chinese Ambassador to Korea were invited to the ceremony, where, Democracy won the day Ahn Hee-jung said the couple has tried to use the annex second floor bedroom in the bedroom heard that Mr. Kim Ji 4:00 a.m. sleeping couple.


Democratic sources said, the second floor, Ahn Hee-jung was a Democratic source said the first floor used by Mr. Kim Ji back door 3 is people coming haetneundeyo ago was a locked

Sleep to the sound Ahn Hee-jung, who comes up the stairs to the office before sleeping is fair democracy won, “Author Why not come up in the morning?” Dropped it'll gobble Ahn Hee-jung said that you have not heard there was a drunk with sleep, said, gicheok.

According to Democratic sources said people in the first floor I'd say sure, Mr. Kim Ji who posted the stairs groups only Mr. Kim Ji

Following Mr. Kim Ji put the stairs came walking up to come into the room came walking proudly open as possible to kill the sound to go carefully the foot of the front door handles beds that I'd put a man lying on the bed OK OK who's who

The former anhui that before the market fell asleep woke up “uh, Author Why?” I asked Mr. Kim Ji “Ah…uh..” He said he was saying hudadak ran from the room.

Democratic circles at the time, Mr. Ahn Hee-jung to the former governor saw the clock at 4 am phone market in the last few hours yieotdamyeo “Why ash QI?”Said muleuni anhui Former Governor “I do not know.” Saying he preached back to sleep, I heard.

Kim Ji-won bedroom into why the second floor garden sheds, but in the trial.. The truth is that really?

Subsequent to the anhui Former Democratic governor won, “Why do not you apologize for?” That he'd told

That afternoon, Mr. Kim Ji came the phone “Last night, drinking too much alcohol, and the staff in the taps drunk and come down to drink and went to the rooftop kkaereo went wrong and called my room and porch”He said he had to apologize.

But it is waiting outside the door for the trial of Mr. Kim Ji Garden case is exhausted eyes face with an opaque window, I say, there has never entered the bedroom has emphasized that false claims.






Yet he released a video of the Garden second floor bedrooms as proof that the claim is false, Mr. Kim Ji.

Democratic sources say that before Mr haetneundeyo action yeopgijeok the form of breaking up couples bedroom can become a victim of sexual abuse, I can not accept never accept

If you've followed his perjury batgetda punished and preached that balhigetda the truth for themselves and their children.

Meanwhile, Ahn Hee-jung former governor was sentenced to three years and six months in the second trial last day on suspicion of raping a secretary was performed restraint in court Ahn Hee-jung, and former Governor appeals ruling was immediately appealed.

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