Son Heung-Min No. 16 goals for Tottenham Dortmund 3 : 0 Victory

Sonheung min goal was kkeok 1 above Dortmund

Sonheung Min sink to the 16th lead! Tottenham for Dortmund

The first Bundesliga team Dortmund sonheung seeds above Tottenham 3 : 0 It was defeated.

13The day was over for Dortmund UEFA Champions League Round of 16 first leg dot held in London's Wembley Stadium.

Tottenham for Dortmund

Caine, Tottenham Ali did not play due to injury it was built in the tact pyeolchyeot tutop the Son Heung-Min and Moura.

Like Tottenham Dortmund key players being injured is goeche, When the pulley value, Sancho including the marketing went out and led the attack

Tottenham for Dortmund

Score is gonna pyeolchyeot cautious game, not to the Son Heung-Min has conceded both teams had a shooting chance from an angle similar to the goal before Dortmund last season makhyeotgo the keeper, Dortmund also did not lead goal but the attempt decisively headed Shooting.

Tottenham for Dortmund

Finish the first half without scoring Tottenham and Dortmund haetneundeyo catch the second half started the fire started at the same time

Jumped towards the Cross of Verbier sonheung Min tongeon was infiltrated two minutes into the second half was put forward to change the direction galrat the Dortmund goal in shooting.

Tottenham for Dortmund

Sonheung out like lightning before the second half started and the heat gadadeumgi the teams civic goals this season, 16 goals and was the No. 4 consecutive goals.

Tottenham for Dortmund

Neundeyo Son Heung-Min 16 goals to give the Spurs game, putting the visitors after Son Heung-Min is noryeotjiman extra bone does lead the final pass failed to add goals put.

However, this additional bone nawatneundeyo from Verbier tongeon and Llorente

Tottenham for Dortmund

Verbier is tongeon sikyeotgo success further goals in the process of infiltration forward from defense, Llorente has recorded a goal with a header from a corner kick situation.

Tottenham for Dortmund

3 : 0 Ahead of a Son Heung-Min Son Heung-Min has been replaced and lamellar came out of the stadium receives a standing ovation from the fans.

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