Korea-US defense minute gold "take care of the people doing?"Rep. Lee Soo-hyuk remarks

"Thousand Bikini Body modification??

1991The defense began gold per one hundred million US dollars to 1.5 trillion has been determined to be 38.9 billion won this year.

78.7 billion won the previous year(8.2%)This will increase.

I know defense minute Friday to pay a US taxpayer money indeyo all of the people

Rep. Lee Soo-hyuk

Did not that exactly became defined as much by the people to know the details of supine.

However, with the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee unified party secretary Lee Soo-hyuk Democrats are we and others seem to think.

Rep. Lee Soo-hyuk

Last 7 days Lee Soo-hyuk Senator has said that "the defense contribution conclusion phase," said "consultations jungyimyeo key decisions this year's first delivery in the process of being, reflecting the 8.2% hike defense budget to 1.05 trillion won consensus minan".

Rep. Lee Soo-hyuk

The two reporters, "The exact amount of 1.038 trillion won for matches?"I have a question that

If the reporter's questions can of course

But Rep. Lee Soo-hyuk did she say, "For what do you write such an exact number," said "citizens 1.05 trillion won is 1 1 trillion 40 billion won is what about what about what difference Shall"

I truly absurd ...

Rep. Lee Soo-hyuk

But after "do not you get ahead. He has also questioned the care of the people that are doing this. ".

The minute that this Parliament really qualified to represent the people do not respect the people you really wonder.

Lee Soo-hyuk Senator appointed as a Senator munmiok proportional representation in 2017 the Presidential Adviser of Science and Technology has been a succession of parliamentary seats.

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