Separated only married six months and the displaced group P, The SNS account deletion divorce announced what?

One things for one balhigetda wonder what happened to the couple?

BP girl group Rania singer of refugees from the Group of the artists group P from Topp Dogg(Baksehyeok)News that divorce is marriage 10,006 months have been delivered.

P refugees County divorce news P group known as the marketing went public a picture of a baby through his Instagram

P group was released a photograph affectionately with his son through Instagram The displaced group P has said it would unilaterally release the baby, saying that during reveal things one by one.

P refugees County Divorce

Haetneundeyo is displaced through Instagram before the P group and the divorce news

As migrants are deeper marital said during marriage embraced in the arms last December 7 Baby preached that conflict to an end last week under the divorce agreement.

P refugees County Divorce

I think it.I hours later preached that to clean up at the end of a deep worry.

P refugees County Divorce

I would also preached promised not to reveal until you are ready for another baby P minds troops unilaterally release the baby, saying that during this revealing one by one the things.

P refugees County Divorce

I'd jungyirago refugees and P group is currently separated baby preached that states that refugees are raising.

P refugees County Divorce

Two people; is turned on the girl groups and boy groups members meet in a couple indeyo wedding last August 25 the topic of starting a kite, but the couple has been married only six months it galraseo.


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